What We Do

Comprehensive programs for employee wellbeing, delivered entirely in-house.

We make wellness programs accessible, by overcoming obstacles that smaller companies normally face.

Pure Wellbeing - Health Screening Equipment

Health Screening

Online questionnaire & comprehensive in-house screening, for biometric & lifestyle health risks
Pure Wellbeing - resistance training equipment

Strength Training

Twice-weekly strength training, addressing musculoskeletal health, strength, posture, balance & flexibility.
Pure Wellbeing - Mindfulness Class


Weekly group sessions addressing attentional skills for stress reduction & being present.


Key foundations to support a nutritious diet

Why We Are Different

All equipment provided

No fit-out or capital investment

Low minimum participant threshold

Minimal time disruption

Small space requirement

Pure Wellbeing - Health Check Consultation

Corporate Wellness For Everyone

Wellness is not just for big companies.  Smaller companies and their people can benefit equally from the effects of a wellness program.  However, the economies of scale that justify investment in facilities for wellness may not apply.   

The reality is that smaller companies need new, flexible approaches to wellness that work in small spaces, with small teams, with minimal time disruption and no capital investment.

Making Wellbeing Accessible

We deliver multi-disciplinary wellness programs that do not require any capital investment on your part.  We turn up, deliver the program – providing all diagnostic and exercise equipment required – and take everything away each day.

Pure Wellbeing - Strength Training equipment
Pure Wellbeing - Mindfulness session

Why We Do What We Do

Traditionally, responsibility for personal wellbeing was entirely one’s own.  This model has largely failed, as evidenced by the current levels of work stress, physical inactivity & chronic illness. 

As it has become increasingly accepted that companies are affected by the wellbeing of their people, the traditional model has given way to a new model of shared responsibility, between employer and employee.  In this model, wellness programs at the workplace make wellbeing accessible in a new way for people that are busy and short of time.  Ultimately, the objective is for the program to empower employees to engage in a healthier lifestyle.  The Pure Wellbeing program is designed to do exactly that.

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